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Immune Deficiency Foundation 2017 National Conference
Anaheim, CA
June 15-17


The Immune Deficiency Foundation National Conference is holding its national annual conference in Anaheim, California. The conference is intended for physicians, nurses, specialized life management experts, and patients and families. The speakers will present on an array of topics, with opportunity to network with those on the cutting edge of research and treatment.

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The Conference features three days of learning, discussing and sharing for all ages. World-renowned immunologists are on hand to share their time and expertise. Attendees learn about scientific advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of PI, and gain the skills needed to manage their healthcare. Also featured are inspiring seminars, informative keynote addresses and an enlightening, instructive symposium. Families benefit from the opportunity to meet other families and enjoy the festivities of social events, as well as talk with the faculty and sponsors in the interactive exhibit hall.