Get Smart: ARJ Infusion Services

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Kansas City Smart Companies to Watch

How a national specialty pharmacy became Kansas City’s ‘Smart Company to Watch’ Lifelong care. People often miss the significance of what these two words mean. But Lisa Sackuvich, founder and president of ARJ Infusion Services, has made it her mission to understand lifelong care—and has delivered it to thousands of patients over the years. Lisa founded ARJ Infusion… Read more »

ARJ’s New St. Louis Specialty Pharmacy Is Better Than Ever

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Proudly celebrating more than 10 years of serving the St. Louis community Our patients are our No. 1 priority, and we strive to make every patient experience a positive and memorable one. That’s why we’re excited to announce ARJ’s newest location to meet the needs of patients in eastern Missouri and surrounding areas. We want… Read more »

Kansas City Business Journal Presents: Entrepreneur Panel & Reception Event

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Calling All Entrepreneurs! ARJ Infusion Services’ very own Lisa Sackuvich has been selected to be a panelist at Kansas City Business Journal’s Entrepreneur Panel & Reception. The event will spotlight successful entrepreneurs who were featured in the Business Journal throughout 2016. Each panelist will share an in-depth perspective of the risks, efforts, and successes they’ve… Read more »

ARJ Ranks in Top 10 Percent For Home Infusion Care

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For years, our patients have been our biggest supporters. They expect the best and understand our commitment to deliver compassionate, convenient care. That’s why it’s no surprise ARJ Infusion Services ranks in the top 10 percent for patient satisfaction in home infusion care across the region. Areas of Success • Nurses’ concern for comfort and friendliness… Read more »

Final Destination: One Happy Future

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Beau, who turns 14 this year, has a special interest in World War II history and loves learning about airplanes. He goes to school in the morning and catches up on homework and video games at night. In most ways, Beau’s life mirrors the lives of his friends. Except Beau was diagnosed with severe hemophilia… Read more »

Staying Power: Overcoming a Chronic Condition

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In the past I’ve written on the importance of advocating for you and your family’s access to care. I’ve seen firsthand how families are tested every day. This can be the painful chronic disease itself, searching for patient assistance, lobbying to be heard by your state representative, work-life balance, and the list goes on. I… Read more »

IVIg: Four Letters, Countless Benefits

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How replacement therapy is changing healthcare today. Edie Williamson, M.S.N., R.N., ARJ’s Director of Nursing, discusses IVIg replacement therapy—and how it can improve patients’ quality of life.   What is IVIg? IVIg—short for intravenous immune globulin—refers to highly purified antibodies that are separated from the plasma of healthy human donors. It’s often recommended as a… Read more »

Your Infusion Report

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The Infusion Report highlights our commitment to our patients, their families, and our team at ARJ. It’s our way of sharing the latest industry news, innovations, and healthcare trends that affect you and your family―because we know information and education is vital to your care. Our patients inspire us every day. In each issue we… Read more »

MedTrakRx Selects ARJ Infusion Services as ‘Best-in-Class’ Specialty Pharmacy Provider

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New partnership offers cost-conscious care options to patients with rare and chronic conditions   MedTrakRx, one of the nation’s fastest-growing pharmacy benefit managers, selected ARJ Infusion Services, a nationally recognized specialty pharmacy, to provide home infusion therapies to patients with complex, rare, and chronic conditions. ARJ will be responsible for providing pharmacy and infusion nursing… Read more »