Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders

blood and clotting disordersARJ specializes in treating hemophilia, von Willebrand, and other inherited or acquired bleeding disorders.

As a specialty pharmacy and high-tech nursing company, our team of compassionate clinicians care for people with rare, severe, or complex cases.

Our belief is to care for the entire person—not just the disorder. ARJ nurses and pharmacists work closely with patients, physicians, and Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) for a personalized care team approach.

Family relief

There are many physical, sociological, and financial difficulties associated with bleeding disorders. At times, you may feel alone. But as an ARJ patient, you’ll have access to some of the best specialists and Patient Services representatives in the area. Our mission is to minimize hospitalization

We work with over 40 charitable foundations that offer valuable assistance programs and support groups.

Organizations we’re affiliated:

Independence, no matter where you are

We encourage patients to take control of their bleeding disorder. When you feel ready, we’ll teach you the skills and techniques for learning how to self-infuse. Plus, certified infusion nurses are available to teach you and your family how to best manage your condition in the comfort of your own home.