manufacturers who do business with chronic condition infusion companiesWe’re activists who understand the challenges you face when managing a chronic condition. ARJ is passionate about advocating on a local, and national level to ensure patients have access to the care and support they deserve.

Our goal is to educate patients, legislators, medical professionals, and the community. Through education, we give you a voice. Our efforts have been recognized at the highest levels for improving the health and quality of individuals in the chronic disorder community.

Your family

Whether you’re sharing your cause with your child’s school, having a firm discussion with a physician, or contacting your local legislator, ARJ is here to offer the tools and guidance, to help further the conversation.

Our team supports, attends, and speaks with organizations across the nation who aim to make a difference. We actively participate and volunteer in local advocacy groups and provide education to patients in different partnered events.

Bringing change for today, hoping for a cure tomorrow.