Benefits Open Enrollment

Is your treatment covered in 2019? Enrollment for commercial plans and the Health Insurance Marketplace is right around the corner. A small change in your benefits coverage may have a big impact on your access to infusion care. Are you covered? Navigating benefits enrollment can be challenging—but ARJ is here to empower you to make… Read More


Go Green

Veggie smoothies help satisfy your nutritional needs. The easiest way to infuse health into your daily routine? Fill up your cup. Combining fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can do wonders for your wellness—just blend, pour, and sip! Jazz up a bland breakfast with nutritious fruit-and-veggie smoothies. Seasonal produce and wholesome granola work together to energize… Read More


Wash Up!

Hand hygiene is key to avoiding infection during self-infusion. Handwashing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs. Learn the importance of washing your hands before and after self-infusion to avoid illness and infection. When to Wash Whenever hands are visibly dirty. Before, during, and after touching food. Before and… Read More


Stamp Out the Stress of Self-infusion!

Discover how much fun independence can be with ARJ’s Infusion FUNdamentals! This education program helps patients with bleeding disorders learn practical self-infusion techniques to become experts at managing treatments.   Practice Makes Perfect No matter what age you are, hands-on guidance can help you build the confidence to “stick” successfully every time you infuse. ARJ… Read More

ARJ Infusion Services Partners with The DAISY Foundation for The DAISY Award.

ARJ Presents DAISY Award to Haley Hahn

The DAISY Award celebrates the skillful and compassionate care that nurses provide every day. We’re proud to recognize Haley Hahn, R.N., who received the DAISY Award in honor of her extraordinary nursing care. Haley was nominated for the DAISY Award by a patient’s mother. In the nomination she wrote: “How can someone who was a… Read More


Your Passport to Traveling Safely

Don’t let your bleeding disorder get in the way of a good time. With a little advanced planning and help from ARJ Infusion Services, you’re free to focus on the fun of your travels! As you begin planning your trip, be sure to let your Patient Services Representative or an ARJ care team member know… Read More

Patient Management Program

Introducing ARJ’s Patient Management Program

We’re on a mission to improve your health—and your quality of life through ARJ’s Patient Management Program! Your unique ARJ care team is responsible for delivering safe, compliant, and effective treatment and services to help manage your chronic condition. And now through our Patient Management Program, we offer additional valuable resources to help you navigate your personal health journey.   Benefits of… Read More

Pediatric Healthcare Advocacy

Advocating For a Better Life

We believe everyone deserves convenient access to healthcare services in a safe, respectful environment. To deliver on this promise, ARJ offers helpful resources to empower people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have a speech, vision, mobility, or cognitive disability.   Hearing and Vision Your ARJ care team can provide solutions to make it easier… Read More


Omaha Infusion Suite Tour

ARJ’s premier Infusion Suites offer on-site pharmacists and nurses specializing in personalized care for people with chronic conditions. Experience it for yourself!   Schedule an appointment today! 866-451-8804 Weekends and evenings available. ARJ Infusion Services – Omaha 3730 S. 149th St., Suite 102 Omaha, NE 68144      

Infusion Therapy

Your New Home Away from Home

Come for the quality—stay for the comfort! ARJ Infusion Suites offer you and your family a safe, inviting place to relax and receive top-notch infusion therapy. With convenient front-door parking, comfortable leather recliners, fast Wi-Fi, and on-demand TV shows, movies, games, and virtual reality entertainment, it might just be your new home away from home…. Read More