Your New Home Away from Home

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Infusion Therapy

Come for the quality—stay for the comfort! ARJ Infusion Suites offer you and your family a safe, inviting place to relax and receive top-notch infusion therapy. With convenient front-door parking, comfortable leather recliners, fast Wi-Fi, and on-demand TV shows, movies, games, and virtual reality entertainment, it might just be your new home away from home…. Read more »

Life Is Better with ARJ

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ARJ provides infusion therapy to children and adults with rare and complex conditions. With nationwide pharmacy coverage and 24/7 clinical support, we’re on a mission to transform our patients’ lives—one unique journey at a time.   Life is better because… Hannah cheers for it. Shawn lives by it. Klaytin climbs for it.   How is it possible? ♦ Read all our Patients’ Journeys to find… Read more »

Harmony with Hemophilia

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After waiting years to adopt a child, Candi and Joe were ecstatic when they learned they’d finally be traveling to China to meet their 2-year-old son, Jai. There was just one small catch. Up until three days prior to boarding the plane, they were unaware Jai had hemophilia. Unfamiliar with the diagnosis, the couple was taken aback,… Read more »

ARJ’s New St. Louis Specialty Pharmacy Is Better Than Ever

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Proudly celebrating more than 10 years of serving the St. Louis community Our patients are our No. 1 priority, and we strive to make every patient experience a positive and memorable one. That’s why we’re excited to announce ARJ’s newest location to meet the needs of patients in eastern Missouri and surrounding areas. We want… Read more »

ARJ Ranks in Top 10 Percent for Home Infusion Care

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For years, our patients have been our biggest supporters. They expect the best and understand our commitment to deliver compassionate, convenient care. That’s why it’s no surprise ARJ Infusion Services ranks in the top 10 percent for patient satisfaction in home infusion care across the region.   Areas of success • Nurses’ concern for comfort and… Read more »

Give and You Shall Receive: The Big Draw For Volunteer Blood Donors

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Donating a pint of blood takes about 10 minutes—and just one pint can save up to three lives. And since blood donations benefit everyone from hemophilia and autoimmune-disorder patients to accident victims in emergency situations, it’s our responsibility to roll up our sleeves, extend an arm, and share a pint or two. Pint-size perks Donating one… Read more »

Immune Deficiency Foundation National Conference 2016

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          June 17 – 19, 2016 Boston Marriott Newton Newton, MA Registration Deadline: May 9, 2016 Outstanding educational presentations Valuable life management sessions Opportunities to connect and share experiences Fun youth and teen programs Interactive exhibits Register and learn more   Special Interest Sessions CGD Programs These sessions, held Sunday morning,… Read more »

A New ‘Leash’ On Life

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Pet therapy may help put a collar on depression Imagine a form of therapy that provides instant comfort, true happiness, and lasting friendship. This new healthcare trend has legs─and you may even be able to experience the benefits in your own backyard. By increasing physical activity and promoting socialization, animal-assisted therapy is helping children and… Read more »

One Poke, Two Pokes, Three Pokes…OUCH!

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Vein-finding technology sheds light on patients with chronic conditions and helps return them to active, quality lives Chronic conditions often require venous access to deliver treatment. In many cases this means multiple pokes to locate a vein that will hold up for needle insertion and IV placement. This task can be challenging for parents, patients,… Read more »