Give and You Shall Receive: The Big Draw For Volunteer Blood Donors

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Donating a pint of blood takes about 10 minutes—and just one pint can save up to three lives. And since blood donations benefit everyone from hemophilia and autoimmune-disorder patients to accident victims in emergency situations, it’s our responsibility to roll up our sleeves, extend an arm, and share a pint or two. Pint-size perks Donating one… Read more »

Final Destination: One Happy Future

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Beau, who turns 14 this year, has a special interest in World War II history and loves learning about airplanes. He goes to school in the morning and catches up on homework and video games at night. In most ways, Beau’s life mirrors the lives of his friends. Except Beau was diagnosed with severe hemophilia… Read more »

Staying Power: Overcoming a Chronic Condition

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In the past I’ve written on the importance of advocating for you and your family’s access to care. I’ve seen firsthand how families are tested every day. This can be the painful chronic disease itself, searching for patient assistance, lobbying to be heard by your state representative, work-life balance, and the list goes on. I… Read more »

A Moment with Our CEO

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When I opened the doors to ARJ Infusion Services, I took a leap of faith in the name of compassionate care. More than 16 years later, we’re still going strong. But the true seal of approval comes from our patients. Earlier this year we mailed a survey to patients to gauge how we’re doing in… Read more »

2017 Immune Deficiency Foundation National Conference

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Join Immune Deficiency Foundation for their National Conference in Anaheim, Calif., June 15 – 17.  Registration for the annual event is now open for patients, families, physicians, nurses, and specialized life management experts. Speakers will present on a diverse selection of topics while guests network with insiders on the leading edge of research and treatment.   IDF 2017 National… Read more »

A New ‘Leash’ On Life

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Pet therapy may help put a collar on depression Imagine a form of therapy that provides instant comfort, true happiness, and lasting friendship. This new healthcare trend has legs─and you may even be able to experience the benefits in your own backyard. By increasing physical activity and promoting socialization, animal-assisted therapy is helping children and… Read more »