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How We’re Staying Above the Grade

After nearly two decades, ARJ Infusion Services continues to deliver the highest quality infusion care possible. 15_Years_Of_Service_Emblem_522884339 [Converted]We’re committed to using new technology, products and to expanding specialties.

We’re not only protective of your health, but responsive as well. This means prompt turnaround in many areas of what makes our company into what it is today. Insurance coverage, sensitive financial needs and best-in-class shipping standards directly to the home are just a few reasons why ARJ is exceeding expectations.

We find it important to partner with organizations and businesses who demonstrate ethical and valued care. By these beliefs, this builds our integrity as a group of individuals who only provide the highest quality care across the nation.

Specialty Pharmacy

Our team of licensed, highly-skilled pharmacists is making important contributions to ARJ and the patient every day. This includes efforts to improve and standardize care processes to fulfilling orders for current patients.

How we’re staying committed—

  • Our pharmacists are licensed across the greater part of the United States, providing high-touch care to each patient we serve. We dispense directly from our brick and mortar pharmacies across the Midwest.
  • ARJ pharmacists are providing continuing education (CE) sessions to hospitals and other organizations, we’ve provided CE’s to health systems, small companies and colleges.
  • They don’t believe in working solo – They work with physicians and manufacturers to identify the best product possible for each patient.
  • Continuing to enhance the products we dispense, along with shipment and future medication scheduling

High-Tech Nursing

ARJ Infusion Services empowers it nurses to not only give the best care possible directly in the home, but continue learning in what works best. We find and create evidence-based strategies to improve the patient experience.Quality_Award_Circle_480719095 [Converted]

Our nurses contribute to leading-edge treatment. See how we’re able to do this—

  • The nursing department plays an active role in collaborating with physicians and other clinical teams to improve processes
  • Dedicated in continuing education, research and best practices to help the patient get better, faster
  • Accessibility through electronic medical records

Patient Services

Patient Services is much more than ‘check the box’ type of department. They are part of a larger team here at ARJ who provides financial, community and lifestyle strategy solutions. They care for patients, families and caregivers directly affected by chronic conditions or other health-related diseases.

They truly are a patient’s one-stop-department in working with other ARJ teams, regardless in what it is. Their job is to find what best fits you. They understand that each person requires different needs.

What they’re doing different is—

  • Involving necessary ARJ specialists in how we can meet financial needs through co-pays, insurance reimbursement and coverage.
  • Integrate themselves as a person who truly cares about your overall well-being. They’re intentional in developing a relationship with the patient and family.
  • Provide third-party and online resources

There is more to us than what you think

To find out more about services, products and the overall company visit our website or give us a call. We’re always happy to chat.