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How a national specialty pharmacy became Kansas City’s ‘Smart Company to Watch’

Lifelong care. People often miss the significance of what these two words mean. But Lisa Sackuvich, founder and president of ARJ Infusion Services, has made it her mission to understand lifelong care—and has delivered it to thousands of patients over the years.

Lisa founded ARJ Infusion Services in 2000 with the idea that children and adults deserve a higher level of infusion care. Her belief is simple: Every patient benefits from high-touch, personalized care. This approach has allowed Lisa to grow the company and set the bar high―even during shaky economic times and the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

ARJ provides specialty pharmacy and high-tech nursing services across the nation, and offers in-home infusion therapy for children and adults with rare and chronic conditions. Our expertise includes treating complex bleeding and neurological disorders, immune deficiencies, and gastrointestinal and rheumatic conditions.

Today ARJ is one of the fastest growing home infusion providers in the area, and frequently receives recognition for being a leader in clinical care and business development.


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