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Pool Noodles and Duct Tape

Blog Contributor: Kristin (Missouri)
ARJ mom and who’s child is a hemophilia patient

Many parents of children with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders deal with unique challenges.  One of the biggest hurdles is keeping our children safe in the home.

Below is a list of shortcuts my family used to ensure daily life wasn’t quite so dangerous.

Knees and elbows

Moms with children who have hemophilia, safety tips

To protect knees and elbows, I bought tube socks one size up from what we needed for our son’s feet.  We simply cut the toes out and cut the pads from a padded bra or shoulder pads (I knew I saved those for something) to fit the knees or elbows and then we stitched them on.  We covered the padding with a second pair of socks and stitched them to the first sock. There you have it– perfectly fitted washable knee pads and elbow pads.

Corner everything

While you can go to the baby section at your local store and spend hundreds on baby bumpers, it’s truly not necessary.

Pool noodles are cheaper, brighter, and easier to use. Split the pool noodles in half and use some coordinating duct tape to cover the corners of tables, walls and high chairs. For crib rails, cut the noodles to fit each slat you want to cover and use your fancy (or in my case, not so fancy) duct tape and you have a padded crib.

Pool noodles can be easily cleaned and are very economical.  When you’re done with them, chop them in little pieces and use them for packing material.  Pipe insulation works great too, if you know a plumber.

Need a bath

Slippery tubs can be a scary thing.  Facet covers are pretty inexpensive in the baby aisle, however why mess with it? Pool noodles saved the day again. What you need to do is take a pool noodle, split them down the middle. Then cover the dry faucets in the bathtub.

We also found a small inflatable baby pool and placed it on a bath mat– fill it a few inches high and scrub-a-dub-dub.

Ceiling-to-floor glass doors

Get the duct tape or the medical tape out.  Keep the bubble wrap from, well, anything you order online. Tape it to the glass. This works great in keeping crayons and markers off your windows.

Be creative

Our children do require prevention in keeping them safe. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Use things from around your house.  There are tons of cheaper alternatives than hiring a contractor to pad your walls and round the corners in your home.

The fact of the matter is our children will get bleeds sometimes, but we can protect them in their environment so they can learn and grow safely.