Infusion Suite Kansas City:

Chronic condition patients who have IVIG or SCIG

For people suffering with Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and other such infusion treatment requiring diseases, waiting in long queues at the hospital, the traffic while commuting and unexpected delays at the hospital can be tiresome. This can deteriorate their health further and thus, ARJ infusion services brings to you high-quality home infusion care and suites, ideal for such treatments; which are better alternatives to dull hospital settings.

We also offer alternate locations for infusions apart from your home and our premium suite offers the best in class services for home infusion. These are both comfortable and hygienic, while at the same time provide a lively atmosphere which is a proven precursor for faster and better healing process.

Amenities include:

    We offer an on-site pharmacist along with a nurse with our premium suite. We also offer other amenities such as:

    • Leather recliners
    • 50’flat screen TV with digital cable access
    • PlayStation 4 with game CD’s
    • TV shows on-demand
    • Free Wi-Fi

    These services are provided for the privacy your family and you deserve along with entertainment while getting treated. These facilities allow them to remain calm during the process, relieving stress. “The suite offers entertainment options that some may not have in their home”, explains ARJ Infusion services general manager and vice president Andy Copeland.

Other services:

ARJ Infusion services provide safe and monitored IV, Remicade® and Tysabri® based infusion treatment at the comfort of your home or a place different from a hospital set up. The team of ARJ Infusions makes sure all health standards and pharmaceutical protocols are followed by their skilled nurses. The team also includes an expert pharmacist to comply with all the needs of the clients.

ARJ’s Infusion Suite is located in Kansas City metro area and is set up to treat patients with genetic disorders, hemophilia, Crohn’s and other such diseases with infusion treatment.

The company is focused on providing cost-conscious, caring and comprehensive infusion services to clients at the comfort of their homes or in alternate settings to a hospital.

The company envisions building a health care providing company focused on providing maximum comfort to patient’s along with optimum healthcare facilities. With more than $1 million earned by satisfying patients with its services, ARJ Infusion services is focused on providing a better tomorrow with its home care and suite services.