Patient Journeys

ARJ provides infusion therapy to children and adults with rare and complex conditions. With nationwide pharmacy coverage and 24/7 clinical support, we’re on a mission to transform our patients’ lives—one unique journey at a time.

Jai Creates Around It


7,000 miles between them and dozens of obstacles to overcome—how ARJ helped one family find harmony living with hemophilia.

Read Jai’s journey.


Shawn Lives By It

Shawn_CVID_IVIg_Chronic_Condition_ImmunologyCoping with chronic illness was all she knew. And then this adventurous traveler finally found relief with immune globulin treatments.

Read Shawn’s journey.


Hannah Cheers For It

Hannah_IVIg_Juvenile_Dermatomyositis_RheumatologyHer life revolves around dance, so she couldn’t risk letting an autoimmune disorder interfere with her routine. Now with the help of infusion therapy, Hannah’s rhythm is stronger than ever.

Read Hannah’s journey.


Beau Flies High For It

Beau_Hemophilia_Home_Infusion_Quality_Bleeding_DisorderA family plunges into action after discovering their 6-month-old son has severe hemophilia A. These days, they’re flying high above the challenges of his chronic condition.

Read Beau’s journey.


Jadynn Lines Up For It

Jadynn_Hemophilia_Rare_Disorder_Home_Infusion_PediatricWhen two genetic bleeding disorders nearly knocked down this young bowling champ, ARJ’s winning team helped her strike back.

Read Jadynn’s journey.


Klaytin Climbs For It

Klaytin_IVIg_Chronic_Conditions_Child_Seizure_Disorder_IVIgA rare seizure disorder used to keep him from enjoying the great outdoors—but customized IVIg treatments are helping him reach new heights.

Read Klaytin’s journey.