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Edie Williamson says she is lucky to be where she is.

“(I like) being with a team of people that all have that same goal and that mindset,” Williamson, MSN, RN, director of ARJ Infusion, said. “It leads to more positive outcomes at the end of the day.”

Williamson’s background in the ICU led her to infusion therapy. She loved working in the hospital environment, she said, but was frustrated with administrative boundaries. Nurses frequently were promoted to leadership roles based on seniority and experience, rather than their desire, she said. It inspired Williamson to pursue her master’s degree to prepare for the kind of leader she wanted to emulate.

“I think education is an invaluable tool,” Williamson said. “I look for that in my nurses as well.”

Williamson oversees 26 nurses in five states who go into patient homes to give infusion therapy. She spends 50 percent of her time on the road, checking in on nurses and health-care facilities in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois. Williamson likes to stay visible, she says.

“With remote staff you have to have that high-touch mode,” she said. “I think you get the best results when they see you all the time. They really appreciate it.”

Williamson frequently goes on supervisory visits to support her staff and maintains licensure in five states. When an infusion nurse is ill, Williamson becomes the default nurse, whether it is three hours or 30 minutes away, she said.

“I will pick up the patient load that way,” Williamson said. “It’s just positive for my team.”

Patient care, above all else, drives Williamson, she said. Their patients are compromised, she said. Keeping them in their homes and out of the hospital is foremost in her mind. Williamson helped keep her grandparents in their home in the years before they died. While working in the publishing industry and pursuing a business degree, she took turns with her mother to care for them. The experience had a profound impact on Williamson.

“I fell in love with the idea of nursing,” she said. “It lit something in me. I switched and went into nursing school.”

Williamson has a passion for patient excellence, patient care and evidence-based practice, said Lisa Sackuvich, RN, BSN, CRNI, founder and owner of ARJ Infusion Services.

“She is a skilled clinician,” Sackuvich said. “She is so intelligent and so intuitive. I was just blown away when I interviewed her. She has this same level of passion as I do. She’s a mini-me. She’s a mega-me.”