Infusion Care Across the Nation

Consistent care means better results and faster recovery

home infusion care for individuals with rare diseasesFor nearly two decades, ARJ has partnered with healthcare providers across the United States who share the same goal: compassionate, high-quality infusion care for patients and families.

You don’t always have to go to the hospital to receive outpatient care—most clinical care can be done right in the comfort of your own home.

ARJ ranks in the top 10 percent for patient satisfaction in the Midwest. Some of our highest ratings include:

  • Nurses’ concern for comfort and friendliness
  • Pharmacists’ helpfulness in medication management
  • Overall well-being improves once on service
  • Pharmacists and nurses work well together

Pediatric home health

Why send your child to a hospital to receive infusion therapy if you don’t have to? Our team of certified infusion nurses and pharmacists deliver comprehensive outpatient care directly in the home. We understand the unique challenges your family may face when seeking quality infusion care. Our goal is to empower our patients by guiding you through every step of your treatment process.

Financial and lifestyle resources

ARJ’s Patient Resources team connects families to valuable programs and nonprofit organizations that help minimize the financial and lifestyle burden of living with a chronic condition.

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