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In the past I’ve written on the importance of advocating for you and your family’s access to care. I’ve seen firsthand how families are tested every day. This can be the painful chronic disease itself, searching for patient assistance, lobbying to be heard by your state representative, work-life balance, and the list goes on.

I found myself on the patient side of healthcare this past year and was appalled. The challenges were frustrating and extremely hard to navigate. During this strung-out experience, I found myself asking questions—is this really happening? What can I do to make this better? Is everyone receiving this type of care? Then it hit me: there was no advocacy, personalization, and care.

Power within

The word staying power comes to mind when thinking about those living with chronic disorders who have the incredible strength to keep moving forward despite the fatigue and difficulty. The up-and-down journey is continuous for these vigilant advocates; mothers, fathers, spouses, and caregivers.

As we celebrate 16 years of service, ARJ is committed in not only providing home infusion care, but taking time to listen to the patient and their needs. We’re treating not just the condition, but all aspects of one’s life.

Patient- and family-centered care

Pediatrics_Chronic_Conditions_In this edition of The Infusion Report, we take a closer look at how ARJ patients overcame the challenges that were presented to them. Because of their never give-up attitude, they were able to persevere against all odds.

We’re honored Klaytin and his family, along with Carl and Frank, who decided to share their real-life experiences with our readers. The stories are inspirational. I’m proud of our team of clinicians and staff who also acted as advocates, getting them back to the life they love—because they sure do love life!

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Lisa Sackuvich,RN, BSN, CRNI
President & Owner
ARJ Infusion Services, Inc.