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Our belief is every single patient experience matters.

We provide this high-touch care in many ways: By having a nurse entering your home; delivering medication to your doorstep; and involving you, the patient, in every step we make. ARJ Infusion Services received hundreds of surveys back on satisfaction.

We want every interaction to be positive, even the small ones. We scored a 99 percent ‘Above Satisfaction’ grade with our patients, and we couldn’t be prouder of all the people that make ARJ a winning team. “The collaboration and dedication our teams of clinicians and professionals provide every day is truly outstanding,” said Lisa Sackuvich, president and owner of ARJ. “My number one priority is the care and customer service we provide to each patient and family.”

In 2014, we sent out hundreds of surveys to ARJ patients asking them how we were doing.

The survey focused on:

  • Clinical care
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Patient compassion

We’re always going to strive to be the best infusion provider in the United States. The information we receive back are not just numbers to us; they represent real people—members of different communities we serve.

By receiving patients’ perspective on how we’re doing, we’re able to focus on improving performance and enhancing our services and programs. It’s because of our patients that we’re able to do what we do every day.